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High Sierra
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Carbon Copy Cloner requires macOS. CCC will not run on Windows. CCC 5 and 6 both run natively on Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.

Download CCC 6

CCC 6 is the latest version available. Users running Catalina (10.15), Big Sur (11.*), or Monterey (12.*) should use this version of CCC. If you are having trouble downloading CCC from the link above, try this alternate download location.

Upgrading from CCC 5? CCC 6 is a paid upgrade. CCC 5 Personal and Household licenses purchased prior to February 18, 2021 are eligible for upgrade pricing. When you open CCC 6, it will automatically retrieve your new license or an upgrade coupon that you can use to purchase CCC 6 at 50% off. CCC 5 licenses purchased on or after February 18, 2021 are eligible for a free CCC 6 upgrade license.

CCC 6: Support for macOS 12 Monterey

CCC 6.0.4 (and later) is qualified for macOS 12 Monterey. Please take a moment to review the following resources prior to upgrading your Mac's OS:

CCC 6: Beta testing on macOS 13.0 Ventura

If you're beta-testing Apple's new macOS 13.0 Ventura, you can help us test CCC 6 against the new OS too. Currently we aren't tracking any problems with CCC 6.1.2 on the new OS, so we have not yet started a new beta cycle. We'll start a new beta cycle towards the end of June to add minor cosmetic support (e.g. "Ventura" instead of "13.0" wherever applicable).

Please choose Ask a Question from CCC's Help menu to let us know if you encounter any problems or have questions about support for new features of that OS.

Download CCC 5

CCC 5 is compatible with Yosemite (10.10), El Capitan(10.11), Sierra (10.12), High Sierra (10.13), Mojave (10.14), Catalina (10.15) and Big Sur (11.*). If you are having trouble downloading CCC v5 from the link above, try this alternate download location.

Compatibility and support for CCC v5 on Monterey and newer OSes

CCC v5 license holders are welcome to continue using CCC v5 on OSes beyond macOS Big Sur; there aren't any limitations placed upon CCC v5 that would prevent it from continuing to work as Apple issues new OS releases. However, CCC v5 development ceased when CCC v6 was released in May 2021. We will continue to offer technical support for CCC 5, but we are no longer actively developing it, nor testing it against newer OSes.

Known Issues with CCC v5 and macOS Monterey

  • Currently we have not received any reports of problems with using CCC v5 on macOS Monterey.


Unsupported Versions

CCC v4 is no longer supported, however if you have a license for CCC v4, v5, or v6, you may download CCC 4.1.24 for use on Mountain Lion (10.8) or Mavericks (10.9). If you are having trouble downloading CCC from the link above, try this alternate download location.

We no longer sell nor support CCC v3. If you already have a license for CCC v3 and you need to re-download that older version of CCC, please contact our sales support team.


CCC 6.1.2 (Click to copy)

  • MD5:49c06dc2c5fc96dd66d3d093a37527cc
  • SHA256:da3c4850b34a03cca1949c5b2d42050827c4f10210d14620a950e0b6bf952178

CCC 5.1.28 (Click to copy)

  • MD5:732e0faf07df8955b8b3411e28df95ce
  • SHA256:050ed65c493ff75bf415210de357ce552833c724e39c9d61043fd10151dd7a22