Using the ccc Command Line Tool to Start, Stop, and Monitor CCC Backup Tasks

This documentation is for an older version of CCC. You can find the latest version here.
Last updated on June 3, 2016

Carbon Copy Cloner includes a command line utility that allows you to start, stop, and monitor the progress of specific CCC backup tasks. The utility is located inside of the CCC application bundle. To get basic usage instructions, invoke the utility without arguments in the Terminal application, e.g.:

[user:~] /Applications/Carbon\ Copy\
Usage: ccc [options]
ccc -v|--version
		Prints the version of the CCC command-line utility (this is not the same as the main application version)
ccc -s"Task Name" | --start="My Backup Task" (-w|--watch)
		-w|--watch:	Keep running and print task output until the task is finished.
ccc -x["Task Name"] | --stop[="My Backup Task"]
		Stop all tasks, or the specified task.
ccc -h|--history [-c]
		Print a summary of task history, i.e. the data you would see in the table at the top of the Task History window.
		-c prints in CSV format
ccc -p|--print-schedules
		List each task and when it will next run.
ccc -w["Task Name" | --watch[="Task name"]
		Watch task progress (press Control+C to exit)
		Specify a task name to limit task output to the indicated task
ccc -i|--status
		Print a status line for each task.
ccc -g|--global globalDefaultName [bool|int|float|string] globalDefaultValue
		Set a global default value.
ccc -g|--global globalDefaultName delete
		Delete a global default value.
ccc -n|--notification notificationTitle notificationBody
		Send a notification to the Notification Center.