How do I use a CCC Pro License?

This documentation is for an older version of CCC. You can find the latest version here.
Last updated on September 19, 2022

Pro licenses are issued to a single technician/support person to use CCC temporarily on an unlimited number of computers. CCC may not be permanently installed on client computers or used for scheduled backups on their computers. The Pro License is great for replacing a client hard drive, making an ad hoc backup of a single machine before servicing or replacing that system, or for a consultant setting up new computers for others.

There are two common configurations where a Pro License is applicable, and each has a different method for applying the CCC registration details.

Installing CCC and registering a Pro License on an administrative workstation

An "administrative workstation" is a Mac that is used by a single support technician to service other Macs. For example, the technician could attach other Macs to this workstation via Target Disk Mode, then make an ad hoc backup of the data on that system prior to performing other service on the system. In this scenario, you would apply the CCC Pro License registration details in the same manner as an ordinary license. Making scheduled backups of this administrative workstation is permissible, however the license does not permit scheduled backups of other Macs.

Using CCC temporarily on a client Mac

The CCC Pro License permits using CCC in an ad hoc manner on an unlimited number of Macs by a single technician. For example, a technician that is providing "on site" support could attach a portable storage device to a client Mac, then use CCC from that external storage to make an ad hoc backup of the client's data before performing other service on the system. In this scenario, the CCC Pro License must not be applied to the client system. To facilitate this use case scenario, CCC can read a "sidecar" license file adjacent to the CCC application on the external storage. To generate the sidecar file:

  1. Open a copy of CCC on an administrative workstation†
  2. Apply the CCC Pro License registration details
  3. Click on the Carbon Copy Cloner menu and select Create Pro License Sidecar File
  4. A file named "Carbon Copy Cloner.license" will be created on the Desktop
  5. Quit CCC
  6. Copy the CCC application and the "Carbon Copy Cloner.license" file to an external storage device (the application and license must be in the same folder)

When you attach the external device to another Mac and open CCC, you can click on the Carbon Copy Cloner menu to verify that the registration is applied (non-persistently) via the sidecar file.

† If you don't have an administrative work station to use for this, you can apply the Pro License registration details to any Mac, generate the sidecar license file, then uninstall CCC from that Mac when you're finished.