Upgrading from CCC 5 to CCC 6

This documentation is for an older version of CCC. You can find the latest version here.
Last updated on June 6, 2021

If you download CCC 6 via the upgrade interface in CCC 5, CCC 6 will be downloaded to your Mac and placed adjacent to CCC 5. When CCC 6 opens for the first time, you will begin a full-featured, 30-day trial. Please take all of that time to evaluate CCC 6. When you're ready to purchase CCC 6, click the Purchase button in the Trial window that is presented when you open CCC.

I already have a license for an older version of CCC. Do I have to pay for the CCC 6 upgrade?

Yes, CCC 6 is a paid upgrade. However, CCC 4 or 5 license may be eligible for upgrade pricing. Check here for eligibility.

If I decide to not purchase the CCC 6 upgrade, can I downgrade to CCC 5?

Yes. Downgrading to CCC 5 restores your tasks as they were prior to upgrading. If you still have CCC 5 in your Applications folder, simply open it and choose the option to Downgrade. If you downloaded CCC 6 from our website and replaced your copy of CCC 5, you can re-download CCC 5 from our website.

I'm happy with CCC v6. How do I delete the older version of CCC?

To remove the older version of CCC, simply drag the older application file to the Trash. You don't have to uninstall any other components, all other components are shared with CCC v6.

Will my CCC v5 tasks work with CCC v6? Will I have to erase my backups?

The upgrade from CCC 5 to 6 should be seamless. Your existing tasks will be imported into CCC v6, and your existing backups should continue to run without requiring any changes.

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