Will CCC 4 work with the next major OS?

We're on the cusp of Apple's next Worldwide Developer Conference, and like many other developers, we've started to expect a new OS announcement during the Keynote. That inevitably raises the question, "Will CCC work with that new OS?"? The short answer is yes — by the time Apple ships that OS, we'll have CCC completely qualified and running on that OS. I posted a much longer explanation last year, however, that explains why the current version of CCC will not open on that new OS:

Will CCC work with [insert Apple's pre-release OS here]?

Another year has passed, and Apple has announced another operating system. Moments after the announcement, people started asking if CCC would "work" on the Developer Preview of the OS. The short answer is "No", but I think my fellow developers deserve a longer answer, and one that should address these questions for years to come as well.